Our engineers created the SPOTBOT POP-UP based on the apparent need and demand for accurate human detection technology that is cost-effective; respectful of the user’s privacy; designed to act as an early warning system for both the client and their security company or armed response team; and implementable in a wide array of premises scenarios – including those that are off-grid.

While SPOTBOT is known as a singular device that can be connected to an existing CCTV system, the SPOTBOT POP-UP unit is an advanced, standalone security system with SPOTBOT’s built-in, state-of-the-art AI intruder detection technology.

The unit has already been nominated as a finalist at the 2024 Southern Africa Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) in the Outstanding New Security Product category.


  • A SPOTBOT device
  • Four HIKVISION COLORVU (2.8mm or 3.6mm) CCTV cameras
  • An LTE router to send alerts to the user and, optionally, to their security provider
  • A solar-powered battery system


  • SPOTBOT Vehicle Detection Module
  • SPOTBOT USB Relay Module (SUR)
  • Strobe light (activated by SUR)
  • Siren (activated by SUR)

SPOTBOT POP-UP Unit Features:

  • Advanced, accurate human and vehicle detection and AI processing that occurs on-site without the need for large data transferals to monitor CCTV footage in a control room.
  • Quick and easy installation on any premises with minimal infrastructure required and no need for electricity.
  • Complete control to the user who can manage the SPOTBOT online and receive intruder detection image alerts on their smartphone.
  • Control room software integration.