Thank you for purchasing a SPOTBOT

Before installing your SPOTBOT device, please note the following:

App Installation2021-09-16T14:36:26+02:00

For SPOTBOT integration with the CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM, your DVR/NVR/IP CAMERA Username and Password will need to be entered.

SPOTBOT needs to be connected to a CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM that is connected to the internet.

Get started: App Installation

Set Up SpotBot Application2021-09-14T15:09:30+02:00

You will receive the following message:


Enter the serial number (S/N:) found on the back of your SPOTBOT unit and press SEND. If the serial number verification was successful, the following message will be displayed:


Please press the MENU button.

Press the MENU button on the SPOTBOT TELEGRAM APP. You will receive a request to verify your cellular number. Please do so and then press the SHARE button when prompted.

Linking cameras with SpotBot2021-09-14T15:17:39+02:00

A single SPOTBOT device can monitor a maximum of 8 camera feeds. You will use the TELEGRAM APP as well as your web browser to link the camera feeds with your SPOTBOT unit.

Cameras need to be added to your SPOTBOT. Press the MENU button. The following message will be displayed:


Press CAMERA SETUP: the following message will appear. Please note the description of the LOCAL CONNECTION (your SPOTBOT and smartphone are on the same internet connection) and REMOTE CONNECTION (your SPOTBOT and smartphone are on different internet connections) and press the relevant button to continue. (DATA costs will be incurred when using REMOTE CONNECTION.)


After selecting LOCAL CONNECTION or REMOTE CONNECTION, you will be taken to a new screen. Press the CONNECT button to continue.

The sequence in which the camera feeds are added to the SPOTBOT device will be the sequence in which SPOTBOT allocates numbers to the cameras. E.g., first camera feed added = Camera1, second camera feed added = Camera2.

Close the SPOTBOT web browser after adding all cameras and return to you SPOTBOT Telegram bot.

Your SPOTBOT is now configured and ready to use. A screen, similar to the one shown below, should appear:


For assistance with the INSTALLATION or the SPOTBOT TELEGRAM BOT FUNCTIONALITY, please visit our website’s product page at spotbot.co.za . There will be a link to our YouTube channel with a number of installation and operational video tutorials. Alternatively contact us through the following channels:

E-mail: support@spotbot.co.za
Phone: +278600 17 443

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