Alarm systems, CCTV cameras and other security cameras can perform better with motion detection, but this gives rise to false alarms caused by shrubbery, pets and insects. Bypass the false alarms with SPOTBOT. SPOTBOT alerts you only when a human form is identified.

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How does SPOTBOT work?


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How is SPOTBOT Installed?

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  • A SPOTBOT device is connected with a LAN cable to an internet-connected CCTV camera system.

  • The SPOTBOT device is set up to monitor up to 8 camera feeds of the CCTV camera system.
  • Through advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), SPOTBOT can detect a human figure moving into any of the camera frames while it excludes all other moving objects such as pets, insects, vehicles and nature (swaying vegetation).
  • When a human being is detected by SPOTBOT, the user receives a snapshot picture with a RED CIRCLE around the intruder through the Telegram APP. This snapshot picture can also be displayed on an HDMI screen connected to the SPOTBOT device and a verbal notification can be received through a SPOTBOT-connected speaker.

Where can I get a SPOTBOT?

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SPOTBOT supports most mainstream camera brands like Hikvision, Provision and Dahua. Over time, other CCTV camera brands will also be added and supported.
A lot of applications require detection at night. SPOTBOT performs well at night even on the weaker night-vision video streams. Make sure your CCTV cameras perform well at night with sufficient IR range.
SPOTBOT does not need very high-resolution cameras. The resolution you need will depend on the application and the level of detail required. For SPOTBOT, 720p HD cameras will be sufficient and it will still perform well on an even lower resolution. Even low-resolution camera feeds (352×240 pixels) delivered good detection results. SPOTBOT will not affect the normal application and use of the CCTV system.

The following external factors can be addressed to optimize and enhance your SPOTBOT’s performance:
Ensure that your Internet link is stable at all times.
The picture quality of your cameras plays an important part in the success of the SPOTBOT’s detection ability. Better quality means better detection performance.
Install your SPOTBOT in a cool and dry environment.
Ensure that you have sufficient flood lights or IR lights installed for night-time operation.
Ensure that camera installations are secure and sturdy.

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