As a duo of engineers, SPOTBOT’s inventors initially worked with farmers in Eastern Gauteng to address the problem of livestock theft. Jan-Adriaan and Francois tried numerous ways of using AI to track livestock. Then came the big idea: Rather than trying to use AI to track livestock, which has already been stolen, why not stop the theft in the first place?

The engineers assembled a team of developers and worked with them to design AI technology that can spot intruders before they get the chance to steal livestock. The result? SPOTBOT a device that uses AI software to identify an intruder with 99% accuracy and without being triggered by moving animals, insects or vegetation.

Today, the proudly South African SPOTBOT device prevents theft damages to farms and businesses across the country, and keeps families safe in both rural and residential areas. Numerous security suppliers and armed response companies distribute the device to their clients, and SPOTBOT regularly receives success stories from response teams and customers.

SPOTBOT enables its users to accurately and cost effectively detect intruders on private property without having to assign a workforce to monitor a CCTV camera system 24/7. Our team continually updates the SPOTBOT software and its features. We now also offer add-ons, like the vehicle detection module that enables the device to detect a moving vehicle. SPOTBOT will continue to evolve, building on the current SPOTBOT foundation to deliver effective solutions for the ever-growing security market needs.

Meet our team

Jan-Adriaan Cordier

Francois Botha

Jean Rossouw
Technical Support

Michael Coetzee
Account manager

Amy de Wet

Moné Pienaar
Admin & Finances