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SPOTBOT is an AI-hardware device that monitors up to 8 CCTV cameras for human intrusion on your property, thus, it monitors your camera feeds to detect the human form. If a human is detected, a Telegram app notification is sent to you from the SPOTBOT device. You are also notified of this human intruder through a speaker that is connected to your SPOTBOT.

An effective security system requires motion detection, however, false alarms occur so frequently that they render most systems ineffective. SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of false alarms. So, we would certainly say yes, if you need a security system with integrity with regards to the alarms you receive, you need SPOTBOT.

Once it is installed, you can control SPOTBOT using your smartphone. You can activate and deactivate it manually, or link it to a schedule to be automatically activated or deactivated. When SPOTBOT identifies an intruder, it will send an image to your phone with the intruder circled in red.
You can then decide whether the person is an intruder or not and take the necessary steps.

Yes, it is. No video streams are made available online to any third party. Also, intruder-detection photos are only made available to the users that are added to the SPOTBOT by the owner. Additional security measures using security verification methods are in place for when new users are added.

No, we do not stream any videos to any cloud or online system out there.

Yes, SPOTBOT can be used as a local system and will still inform you of an intruder even without the internet. If you have your USB speaker connected to the SPOTBOT, the speaker will verbally inform you of an intruder when your SPOTBOT is activated. Furthermore, if you have an HDMI screen incorporated with your SPOTBOT, a photo of the intruder will also be displayed even without the internet.

All AI-detection processing is done on the SPOTBOT unit, so there is no time delay in your intruder-detection notifications. We also respect your privacy, so we do not stream any video material offsite for AI-detection processing. The internet connection is only needed to send the detection photos to your smartphone on the Telegram app. We also need the internet connection when we run updates on your SPOTBOT device.

SPOTBOT is remarkably inexpensive. Comparable systems may cost ten times as much. SPOTBOT costs just under R13000 including delivery, or possibly even less, depending on your distributor.

Besides the incredible low cost of SPOTBOT, the time saved and peace of mind translate into money saved.

SPOTBOT cuts out false alarms and other hassles. In the past when you had CCTV cameras installed, you would either have to monitor them manually or get a motion-detection system which would be set off by moving vegetation and animals. SPOTBOT detects humans (or vehicles) instantly and sends you a picture.
SPOTBOT is also extremely affordable and easy to install.

No, SPOTBOT is a hardware device. However, SPOTBOT connects to the internet and works with the Telegram app to notify you of detections.

No. SPOTBOT South Africa is an intruder-detection system. In America, there is a carpet cleaner with the same name.

SPOTBOT is a 15cm X 10cm tough, steel box including wall mounts.

SPOTBOT is extremely reliable. It never breaks down and eliminates 99% of false alarms.

SPOTBOT is easy to set up and use. Once set up, you don’t even have to think about monitoring security. You will be proactively alerted when SPOTBOT detects intrusions.

SPOTBOT will identify a human shape even if that human is trying to look like a dog.

It would be very difficult for a burglar to disable SPOTBOT. They would need to gain access to the interior of the property and know where SPOTBOT is located. SPOTBOT would already have detected them by this time.

SPOTBOT will identify a human or vehicle every time and will eliminate 99% of false alarms.

SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of false alarms.

All you need is the CCTV system you already have and an internet connection. SPOTBOT will plug into that without requiring extra equipment, apart from some screws to mount the small, steel box it comes in.

You will already have all the cables you need with your CCTV system. SPOTBOT comes with a LAN cable and a power cable.

You need a smartphone / mobile phone with the Telegram app (popular and readily available) installed. You don’t need a computer in order to set up and use SPOTBOT.

No, SSPOTBOT does not need nor use a dedicated app. Instead, it utilises the popular and free Telegram app to set up the device and to alert you when it detects humans.

SPOTBOT, the CCTV cameras it connects to and your internet router all require a power source, hence SPOTBOT will only work during load shedding if you have a backup power supply, such as a UPS system, inverter or generator, available.

SPOTBOT needs power to be functional. This power source can be your standard electricity supply or, if you have gone off grid, you can connect SPOTBOT to your own power system. SPOTBOT is supplied with a 220Vac to 5Vdc power supply.

Yes, you can simultaneously integrate more than one SPOTBOT with your CCTV-camera system. If you, for instance, have 16 cameras that you want to monitor with SPOTBOT technology, you can add two SPOTBOT devices. SPOTBOT will then monitor 8 cameras.

You will need an additional SPOTBOT device.

Yes, you can have numerous SPOTBOT devices all linked to a single Telegram account.

The SPOTBOT device needs to be connected to the same internet connection that your CCTV-camera system is connected to. If you have cameras at different locations, but they are all connected to the same internet platform, they can all be connected to your SPOTBOT.

The SPOTBOT Telegram Bot installed on your smartphone is the portal to all your SPOTBOT features and settings. These features and settings include:

– Ability to turn SPOTBOT on and off.

– Take snapshot pictures of your cameras.

– Mute and unmute the USB-connected speaker.
– Enable or disable armed response (if your SPOTBOT is linked to your security company).

– Set up automated schedules to activate or deactivate your SPOTBOT according to your preferred schedule.

– Set up automated schedules to activate or deactivate your armed response according to your preferred schedule.

– Add or remove more users on your SPOTBOT device.
– Add or remove cameras on your SPOTBOT device.
– Change SPOTBOT features, such as camera names, accuracy levels, add masks, regions of interest and custom voice notifications.

The SPOTBOT Telegram Bot is the remote that you use to access and control your SPOTBOT device. All the features and settings mentioned above can be accessed by the press of a button.

Buying a SPOTBOT

SPOTBOT has distributors all over South Africa. Go to this page and click on your area. Alternatively, SPOTBOT is also available on Takealot.

The SPOTBOT device comes standard with human-detection capabilities. If vehicle detection is also needed, it can be purchased separately on our online shop . The vehicle detection module is an added software feature on your standard SPOTBOT hardware device. The SPOTBOT vehicle-detection module is a separate product. See here for further details.

You can order SPOTBOT on, or go to this page and ask a distributor in your area about delivery.

Sales tax is included in the price of SPOTBOT.

SPOTBOT is remarkably inexpensive. Comparable systems may cost ten times as much. SPOTBOT costs just under R13000 including delivery, or possibly even less, depending on the distributor.

No. The genius of SPOTBOT is that it is a once-off purchase. There are no monthly license or subscription fees.

No. The genius of SPOTBOT is that once you have it, you don’t need anything else.

As we develop SPOTBOT, we often have new updates for SPOTBOT that we currently make available for free and it is updated from our side. We do not hassle you with having to run updates.

You only need two main things: An installed CCTV-camera system and a stable internet connection.

SPOTBOT Installation, Product Care & Troubleshooting

Instructions can be found here. In short, you connect SPOTBOT to the same LAN (router) that your CCTV-camera system is connected to, set up the Telegram app on your smartphone, and then select all the cameras you wish to monitor.

No, SpotBot installation is very easy. SpotBot can be installed in 5 to 10 steps. See this video review for how to set up SpotBot. See here for instructions.

It takes between 5 to 15 minutes to install and set up SSPOTBOT. If you have any difficulties with the SPOTBOT installation, please contact our support team on 08600 17 443 or

In comparison to other AI systems, SPOTBOT is effectively plug and play. All that is required beyond plugging SPOTBOT into your network is installing and setting up the Telegram app, which is a fairly easy task.
Log into Telegram and follow 5 to 10 easy steps and you’re done.

No. SPOTBOT is a sturdy hardware device encased in a tough, steel box. It does not break down nor does it require maintenance.

Security Personnel Queries

Yes, definitely. SPOTBOT has a built-in armed-response function that enables your SPOTBOT to be integrated with your choice of security company. If your security company has not yet signed up with SPOTBOT Armed Response, they can contact us and we will guide them through the set up on their side.

There is currently an extensive list of security companies that are linked to the SPOTBOT armed-response function. They are expanding on a daily basis. Please contact us for more info.

Yes, it can. If your CCTV cameras are currently being monitored by human personnel at a security company, you will generally pay per camera that is being monitored. This normally costs a few hundred rands per monitored camera. If you have a SPOTBOT that monitors your CCTV cameras, your armed response only has to respond to the detection notifications they receive from your SPOTBOT. They can determine, through the SPOTBOT intruder pictures they receive, if they need to send out a response team to you.  This method of monitoring is not expensive.

What kind of homes need SPOTBOT?

A lot of applications require detection at night. SPOTBOT performs well at night, even on the weaker night-vision video streams. Make sure your CCTV cameras perform well at night with sufficient IR range or additional flood lights. Low-light cameras, such as the HikVision ColorVu range, will also enhance your SPOTBOT’s performance at night.

SPOTBOT scans CCTV footage and identifies intruders. For it to be useful in a flat, you would need to discuss this with other tenants in the complex.

SPOTBOT is ideal for a farm where you have installed CCTV cameras for protection. SPOTBOT can be used for detecting human or vehicle intruders.

SPOTBOT is ideal for protecting your house. It plugs into your existing CCTV system and automatically scans all the feeds and alerts you when it identifies a human shape or a vehicle.

SPOTBOT is ideal for protecting a property that is large and varied with a lot of vegetation, like a large home with a garden, or a farmhouse or livestock. This is because its technology will ignore moving vegetation or insects or animals. It will only send an alarm when it detects a human being or a vehicle.

CCTV queries

Analogue or IP-camera systems can be linked to a SPOTBOT.
SPOTBOT supports most mainstream camera brands like Hikvision, Provision and Dahua. Less well-known camera brands have also been successfully added to and supported by SPOTBOT.

SPOTBOT does not need very high-resolution cameras. The resolution you need will depend on the application and the level of detail required. For SPOTBOT, 720p HD cameras will be sufficient and it will still perform well on an even lower resolution. Even low-resolution camera feeds (352×240 pixels) delivered good detection results. SPOTBOT will not affect the normal application and use of the CCTV system.

SPOTBOT software constantly runs thousands of digital scans, which enable it to accurately identify humans and / or vehicles.

CCTV-camera feeds provide footage of what is going on around your property, but that footage needs to be monitored by a person or a motion-detection system. SPOTBOT does exactly this, but is even better. It automatically identifies intruders ONLY, cutting out false alarms usually caused by moving vegetation or animals.

SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of false alarms.

SPOTBOT covers whatever area your CCTV footage covers. A human figure does, however, need to be greater than 15% of the height of the video frame for SPOTBOT to start identifying an object as a human.

This very much depends on what you are monitoring. The ideal number of cameras for your property is the ideal number of cameras for SPOTBOT.

SPOTBOT supports most mainstream camera brands like Hikvision, Provision and Dahua. Less well-known camera brands have also been successfully added to and supported by SPOTBOT. 

Any camera or device that does not support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) can’t be added to a SPOTBOT device.

See this guide for the best positioning of CCTV cameras.

There are two types of CCTV-camera systems. Analogue (DVR with analogue cameras) and IP systems (IP cameras and NVR). Both these types of systems are supported by SPOTBOT.

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. It cannot be viewed by the public, but instead sends its feed to one place to be monitored for security purposes. It works like the updated, automated version of a night watchman.

CCTV is an example of a security system. Instead of using many watchmen to keep watch, it uses cameras that feed to a central hub from which all footage can be monitored simultaneously by one person. SPOTBOT replaces that person with AI.