Thank you for purchasing a SPOTBOT. Here are some recommendations for ensuring optimal SPOTBOT functionality. Please keep these recommendations in mind for new

CCTV installations and for enhancing SPOTBOT’s performance with existing CCTV set-ups.

For assistance with installation or the SPOTBOT Telegram Bot Functionality, visit our website or our instructional video playlist on YouTube. Alternatively, feel free to contact our support team.

Upgrade your SPOTBOT

SPOTBOT offers add-on modules that you can use to enhance your SPOTBOT experience. These add ons, such as vehicle detection and USB Relay are available for purchase directly from SPOTBOT or through our registered distributors.

Camera Installation and Maintenance

Height and Angle

Ensure that your cameras are installed at a height and angle that enable them to optimally identify a full human figure. The camera should, therefore, be installed in a way that enables it to capture an entire human figure in the area which you want it to monitor for intruders.

Depending on the specific scenario, the optimal camera height would be between 2,8m and 3,2m with an angle that faces outward and not downward.

Sufficient Illumination in Low-Light Conditions

Ensure that your camera’s view has sufficient illumination in low-light conditions, such as in the evenings. If you choose to use your existing cameras, install extra floodlights if needed. The light source should face the same direction as the camera and not shine into the camera lens. Adjust the camera angle during installation to avoid interference from very bright lights or headlights. A clear and good-quality picture (day and night) enhances SPOTBOT’s performance.

Clear the Camera’s Focus Area of Obstructions

A SPOTBOT unit’s detection capabilities could be hindered if objects are obscuring the human figure or part of the human figure. Such obstructions may include a dense fence, palisades, roof overhangs, gates, vegetation or any other obstruction between the human figure and the camera’s view. Please ensure that your cameras have a clear view of the area where you want SPOTBOT to make detections.

Clean your Cameras Regularly

A clean lens ensures that SPOTBOT receives a better-quality video. Clean your camera lens regularly and remove dust, spider webs or any other obstructions that could affect the camera’s picture quality. A dirty lens will hinder SPOTBOT’s performance.

Enhance your SPOTBOT’s Performance

Consider alternative camera options

Cameras with enhanced low illumination functionality (such as Hikvision Colorvu, Dahua Starlight or White-light Night) will enhance SPOTBOT’s performance significantly in low-light conditions. The first picture below is from a normal IR camera and the second one is from a low-light camera, taken at the same spot and at the same time in the evening.

Optimise Distance between Camera and Detection Area

For SPOTBOT to detect a human figure, the general rule of thumb is that the human figure must be greater than 15% of the height (vertical size) of the video frame sent to SPOTBOT. Please refer to the picture below. Also, try to avoid situations where human figures exceed the height (vertical size) of the video frame.

Therefore, ensure that your camera is installed at an optimal distance from the area that you want SPOTBOT to monitor.