SPOTBOT is the brainchild of a South African engineer, now one of our Directors. The idea took shape and a team of engineers and developers was assembled to develop SPOTBOT.

Due to the high crime rate in South Africa, there are many solutions to keep one’s property and loved ones safe, but there was still a gap that had to be filled in the private security market.

The biggest impetus for the development of the SPOTBOT unit is that there is a global need to detect intruders on private property without assigning a workforce to monitor a CCTV camera system 24/7. SPOTBOT offers an affordable alternative with no monthly costs. Another factor is that motion detection on CCTV camera systems deliver many false alarms due to pets, insects and swaying vegetation triggering alarms. We needed an affordable, effective and efficient product to solve these problems and so SPOTBOT was born.

SPOTBOT will continue to evolve, building on the current SPOTBOT backbone to deliver effective solutions for the ever-growing security market needs.


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