You will be prompted to open a web link. Please do so by pressing OPEN.

Your web browser will open the following screen. Please press SCAN FOR CAMERAS.


Select the SCAN NETWORK option if you want to scan for all available cameras or devices on the same LAN network. Alternatively if you want to scan for a specific IP device, enter the device IP in the “Scan IP Only” area and press SCAN NETWORK.


The scan for active cameras and devices will start. A progress screen will appear and close automatically when finished.

Scroll to the DISCOVERED CAMERAS section. Here all the camera feeds that can be added to the SPOTBOT for monitoring can be viewed. IP cameras and DVR/NVR devices will all be shown as illustrated below with their IP address as well as manufacturer.


Supply the Username and Password next to the camera or device that you want to add to your SPOTBOT and press ADD.

The available video feed that can be added will be listed. PREVIEW will supply you with a picture of the camera feed.

Select the “check box” next to the camera that you want to add to the SPOTBOT, and select ADD.


A notification will indicate that the camera was successfully added to the SPOTBOT device.